By Lou Guzzo
So Lou has read planet of the apes I see.
Answer this question truthfully: Do you believe that scientists should have the right to create half-ape, half-human, robotic, or cloned human beings to do the world’s dirty work — including fighting wars? If you have answered “No,” you had better pay more attention to what is happening in the world, because such beings may have already been created!
What half are we talking about. The bottom half doesn't seem to bad, though I can't fathom why an ape would want human legs (and knees!) The top half though now thats a problem. A human with Ape legs could have an unfair advantage at sports.

And we've all read Asimov, Lou. We are well aware of both the danger and promise of robots.
At one time several years ago, it appeared that Congress had finally awakened to the new danger. But that interest soon vanished. Not long ago, it took an Italian anthropologist at the University of Florence to tell us in detail just how far the controversial laboratory work has gone. He revealed that laboratories in the United States and other countries have already proved, for example, that a chimpanzee mother and a human father can be crossbred to produce a slave-like anthropoid — an anthropoid that can answer to orders and requests made by humans!
An anthropologist you say. Surly he would know all about primates, biology, and secret research.
The scientist acknowledged that all the laboratory work in creating the half-ape, half-human specimen has remained secret, but he indicated that some of the proof actually exists at his own university in Florence. He and others in the field have since refused to reveal any more details of the ongoing experiments.
Was this revealed on April 1. I bet it was.
I am an admirer and defender of science and technology and have said so repeatedly in columns, commentaries, and speeches. But I don’t think anyone — not even the most gifted scientist — can justify the creation of living beings to serve as slave labor or for any other purpose.
Um, where?
The potential of genetic engineering is exciting when it stays on its course of eliminating diseases, deformities, and abnormalities, as well as improving the health and endurance of the human race. But the idea of producing living robots for the convenience of humans is repulsive and ugly.
Would you prefer a dead robot? And why would it be ugly? Google "robot porn" and see what I mean.
But, even beyond that, the development of such ersatz creatures and of robots and of cloned beings could turn out to be extremely dangerous. Let’s say, for example, that a renegade scientist created an army of those half-ape, half-man creatures — or an army of electronically controlled robots or cloned beings — and then lost control of those armies with no way of defending the rest of the human race.
I hate every ape I see
From chimpan-a to chimpan-zee
No, you'll never make a monkey out of me

Oh my God, I was wrong
It was Earth all along

You've finally made a monkey
Apes: Yes, we've finally made a monkey
Troy: Yes, you've finally made a monkey out of me
Apes: Yes, we've finally made a monkey out of you

What then? I know it sounds like a science-fiction horror movie, but the Italian scientist’s startling announcement indicates that it could happen. Please, don’t suggest that the world could call on the United Nations for help, because that useless organization hasn’t been able to solve even minor problems.
The UN: poorly suited to fighting an army of half-man/half-apes.
In a way, this problem sounds a lot like the crisis the world’s democratic nations are facing in fighting the war against the Muslim terrorists. Incidentally, consider this additional worrisome note: Just suppose that the Muslim radicals created that army of half-man or robotic animals to fight their war against the Western World. The thought is frightening.
Yup, Muslims are just like an army of half-apes. Though from saying Africans ARE apes, racism has come along way. Well half the way anyways.
At any rate, I hope the world’s scientists initiate an international ban on such bestial research, and that they call a halt to the research work being done in the laboratories in Florence and elsewhere. If they don’t, Congress and the lawmakers of other nations will most assuredly botch things up with laws that won’t work.
I guess they can do it at their World Jewish Scientist Congress meeting